Hiring a Crypto Intern: What Qualities Should You Look For?

Hiring a Crypto Intern: What Qualities Should You Look For?

At Techintern.io, we’ve seen candidates join blockchain companies for internships, contracts, and even full time. For a step-by-step process, we’ve written about how to hire interns generally. If you’re already pretty familiar with the hiring process, the next, and arguably the most important thing to figure out is how you’re able to hire the right candidate that is a good fit for the company.

In general, what exactly are the qualities that companies should look for when hiring a talent, and to fill a very specific and technical role at that? This article will try to explore the details and give you an idea of what to look for in the candidates that will give a lasting impact to your company.


Let’s be honest, cryptocurrency is still in its early stages despite the fact that it’s rapidly maturing as many big players in the tech industry and even national leaders are already considering the applications of it. However, this also signals the future of the industry, and it’s safe to assume that it’s just as important for companies to keep up to the changes. Interns with already a good grasp on how cryptocurrency works as well as its different use cases will take shorter time to train, since it means that they are responsible enough to do the research on their own.

In any work setting, adversity will always arise, and how the person responds to it will show what kind of character they have. Accountability is the foundation of growth, and it’s exactly what you should look for in an industry that requires attention to details and creativity.

For students, internship is where they are expected to apply the concepts and theories that they have learned during their education, so it’s no question that having an experience in a fitting role is a critical time that would give them an opportunity to have insight as to how they approach their responsibilities at work, especially in a competitive industry.

Evaluating a candidate in this aspect can be achieved by judging how responsive they are to the initial messages and whether or not they follow through with the projects/coding challenges and deadlines. Ask about past jobs, and details of any short paid technical projects they've worked on in the past.

Effective Communication Skills

Being able to properly exchange ideas and brainstorm among coworkers is a much needed quality in basically every company if they want good results from their workers. For instance, cryptocurrency companies prioritize security when it comes to transactions of digital assets. To ensure that they remain at the top of their game in that aspect, communication between the cybersecurity department and the main developers is paramount.

As more and more softwares are being implemented to help internal communication stay effective, intern candidates nowadays are expected to deliver messages that are in complete and clear context. Tools like Zoom and Slack are one way to enhance connectivity and information exchange between workers, even in remote settings.

Effective communication can be determined by letting candidates articulate past problems they’ve faced and how they went about solving them.

Entrepreneurial Skills

While interns are a great resource for small and big companies to potentially expand their workforce and test out work culture, nothing beats the ability of a worker to establish a good relationship with potential partners to work with, say, a collaborative project.

In some cases, interns are not expected to be confined to a single task as they work with other technical roles such as startups who specialize in blockchain protocols.

For comparison, in a businessman’s standpoint, connections are just as important as having the skills to properly manage a company. This shows how effective a person is in presenting themselves in a way that they are perceived to be knowledgeable in their respective fields and therefore can be trusted.

The same case can be applied to interns as they are still trying to find their place around the work environment. This is critical since writing codes and providing support are not the only responsibilities of a technical intern. They also have to attend work-related meetings and discussions.

One way to initially evaluate a candidate’s entrepreneurial skills is to ask them about their previous experiences working on similar projects like the specifics of their past github code. This way, you can ask for a follow-up question on what sort of problems they have encountered and how they faced them.

Willingness to Contribute

Cryptocurrency companies often try to create something new out of the thousands of already existing features out there. Ethereum, for instance, managed to launch dApps and NFTs into the spotlight. It’s different in a way that Ethereum’s blockchain technology can be programmable by third party developers. Innovations like this are what makes the industry so unpredictable but at the same time engaging.

Likewise, interns who are willing to jump into the industry carry with them the responsibility to read white papers, adapt to the culture of the workplace, and learn about the new use cases of blockchain technology. However, in a competitive industry like cryptocurrency, it goes way beyond that.

Internships are specifically designed for students to learn, but companies aren’t always willing to do just that. In most cases, they are always finding ways for the intern to contribute in any way they can. This is basically a give and take situation where the intern can acquire valuable skills by being exposed to a real work environment, while the company benefits from the intern’s hard work.

Questions that dive deeper about how they approach cryptocurrency like if they learn about crypto in their free time, whether or not they've tried other dApps, as well as getting them to describe what interests them about the industry.


Aside from the thousands of already mentioned qualities of intern candidates out there, there’s always something specific that a company requires and gives emphasis to. At the end of the day, even excellent internship candidates with solid educational backgrounds are just not the right fit for a company because of many different factors.

The mentioned qualities are only a few of the many things that a crypto company requires, and it shows how the hiring process can be more than just about performance and numbers.