Internship Hiring Timelines and How to Navigate them

Internship Hiring Timelines and How to Navigate them

Welcome to's guide on internship timelines! We'll be walking through some background information on companies, the hiring timelines they follow for Summer, Fall, and Winter Internships, and how can help.

Internship Timeline Summary:


Winter Internship Season (Jan-Apr)

  • large companies hire Aug-Sept
  • small companies hire Oct-Jan

Summer Internship Season (May-Aug)

  • large companies hire Aug-Jan
  • small companies hire Feb-May

Fall Internship Season (Sept-Dec)

  • large companies hire Apr-May
  • small companies hire June-Sept

Companies & Hiring Timelines

Company size is the best indicator of more predictability in business needs and financials. A large company, by its nature, has more money than a small one to operate. This means it can do more planning and hire on a longer timeline than smaller companies.

Here is an overview of Large Companies vs Startups

Large Companies (Google, Facebook)

  • more money
  • predictable forecasts and hiring numbers
  • hire further in advance, for longer duration

Startups (Yugabyte, Zumper)

  • less money
  • unpredictable company forecasts
  • hire closer to the timeline, for shorter duration

General Internship Timelines

Recruiting for internships begins at varied times, depending on the size of the company because of the extent of their hiring forecasts in their business models. Large companies have the funds to predict their hiring capabilities and risk further into the future, whereas small companies are not as financially stable. This is why large companies can begin recruiting for internships 1 or 2 years in advance, but small companies recruit in the few months right before the internship.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind, large and small company hiring can overlap and the predictions are general, so these timelines are not set in stone.

Here are some general timelines to be aware of:

Summer Internships (May - August)

  • Occur May - August
  • Large companies hire from August - January
  • Small companies hire from February - May

Summer internship hiring usually starts earlier in the year and has longer recruiting periods. This is because summer internships are more established and popular among students than fall or winter internships. They usually align with summer break (12-16 weeks), so the majority of hiring will happen then. While there are more open internship spots in the summer, they are also more competitive. To secure a summer internship, it is important to start planning your candidacy in advance and watch out for early deadlines! A quick disclaimer: these timelines are focused on the tech industry, so companies focused outside of tech may operate differently. For example, finance and consulting companies can start recruiting even earlier, such as April 2021 for a May 2022 summer internship.

Fall Internships (September - December)

  • Occur September - December
  • Large companies hire from April - May
  • Small companies hire from June - September

Fall internship hiring has shorter hiring rounds closer to the start of the internships as there is less competition and established procedure for students looking to get involved with fall internships. Fall internships are rarer than summer or winter because students are less willing to take a break from school during the social start of a typical "school season." However, this does not mean they are any less valuable or beneficial! Competition is scarce, and better opportunities are available if you can find them. Smaller companies that hire for internships are usually fine with hiring year-round but don't advertise non-summer positions because they get fewer candidates so it isn't worth the effort. If you're interested in a startup but don't see a posting for Fall or Winter, reach out!

Winter Internships (January - April)

  • Occur January - April
  • Large companies hire from August - September
  • Small companies hire from October - January

Winter internships also have shorter hiring rounds occurring closer to the internship compared to summer. They are recently becoming more established, meaning more opportunities than a fall internship season would have. However, the lack of a consistent break such as summer means students can't plan as far in advance for winter internships, so they are still in a similar recruiting structure to fall. This means less competition and a higher chance of securing an internship, so take advantage.

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