Developing APIs and Internal Tools for Afterpay

Developing APIs and Internal Tools for Afterpay

Welcome to another edition of's student showcase! Here, we will interview interns that we have helped connect with a placement to showcase some of their job experiences. By the end of the article, we hope you'll learn more about their background, their work, and the ways in which they were supported throughout the process.

Our interviewee for this week is Avik Hasija! Avik has recently completed his final year at the University of Waterloo, where he studied systems design engineering. We connected him with a software engineering role at Afterpay, an international payments platform that allows customers to purchase goods in interest-free instalments. He worked there during the Winter term of 2021, and his efforts led him to receive a returning, full-time offer. As a result, Avik works there presently!

What did you work on over the course of the internship?

Avik was a part of Afterpay's merchant growth team, which dealt primarily with backend engineering. He was part of a sub-team that develops APIs and other internal tools for merchants to onboard onto the platform, which allows them to integrate Afterpay into their own checkouts. He was also involved with managing different configurations for merchants as a result of their individual personalization needs. He found himself working on new projects with technologies he was familiar with and described the company culture as similar to others in Silicon Valley.

How did you deliver value to the business?

Avik delivered value to Afterpay by working to develop new internal features. Specifically, he worked on an approval-based change log feature of configuration files in a database called DynamoDB. As a result, he was able to reduce the amount of engineering work required, while also seeing the impact of his projects on the business overall. Avik was also able to obtain a full-time offer, which demonstrates the ways in which his hard work paid off in the company.

Anything specifically memorable from your internship? Any exciting stories to share?

Avik found it exciting to witness how rapidly Afterpay was growing, where he especially noticed growth in their engineering department. Although he was unable to share too many specifics, he mentioned that there are several new products in their pipeline, which we're excited to see! Aside from this, he also saw their growth as an international business to be interesting, as Afterpay was originally introduced in New Zealand. Over time, they have expanded to the United Kingdom, China, the United States, and Canada.

What support were you given in your role?

While Afterpay doesn't have a formal internship program, Avik knew in his hiring process that they were looking for a senior student that had the potential to work full-time after the placement. As a result, he found that he was given a lot of autonomy. On Avik's team, there was a senior engineer whom he could direct any questions to, and acted as a kind of mentor in the beginning stages. Overall, he believed his team consisted of individuals with a lot of experience and knowledge. Avik felt as though they were all great assets while he was learning and working with them.


That completes our interview! To summarize:

  • Avik had a placement at Afterpay as a software engineer, which turned into a full-time position
  • He worked on their merchant growth team and delivered value by developing internal features
  • Avik was excited to witness the growth in the company over time and was able to work in a team of experienced and knowledgeable individuals whom he learned a lot from

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