Frontend Development at a Customer Journey Mapping Platform

Frontend Development at a Customer Journey Mapping Platform

Welcome to the next blog post of's student showcase! Here, we will interview interns that we have helped connect with a placement to showcase some of their job experiences. By the end of the article, we hope you'll learn more about their background, their work, and the ways in which they were supported throughout the process.

Our interviewee for this week is Molly Xu! Molly is in her first year of university studying computer science and business at the University of Waterloo. We connected her with a web development role at StrategyBox, the world's fastest growing customer journey mapping platform. Their software uses AI to show executives what to do next to drive sales up and costs down, based on their customer data ingested from 150+ sources. She was one of our earliest applicants on the platform and applied in our August 2020 round, which led to her working at StrategyBox during the Fall 2020 term.

What did you work on over the course of the internship and what did you get out of it?

Molly was involved with front-end development work, where she specifically focused on creating templates for both an email mailing list and an API used by the company. She was happy to be a part of a friendly team, and despite her work being more independent, she still felt as though she made connections with her team members who were always happy to teach her new skills and concepts.

How did you deliver value to the business?

After Molly's changes, the company received various compliments from clients on the design and interface changes from their clients, thereby increasing the brand's image. This helped them grow the conversion of their pages, and onboard new clients for the business overall.

Anything specifically memorable from your internship? Any exciting stories to share?

Molly found her internship experience interesting due to the amount of trust she had within the company. Compared to previous roles, she believed the work she did at StrategyBox was more self-guided and self-paced, which allowed her to complete deliverables based on her schedule. In turn, Molly felt she was able to gain skills in self-regulation and initiative, which may not have been acquired in other work cultures.

What support were you given in your role?

At the beginning of her internship, Molly was actively engaged in several calls to integrate with the team, where she was able to discuss her tasks and a general overview of her role. She was also introduced to two mentors that she could reach out to for any questions, along with a colleague that she would be working with throughout the duration of the internship experience. They got to know each other better through calls and began collaborating in a seamless way as a result of a systematic approach for check-ins that was set in place by StrategyBox. Molly also got to form personal connections with her mentor and which led the overall process to be smooth and resulted in Molly feeling supported throughout her role.


That completes our interview! To summarize:

  • Molly worked at StrategyBox as a web developer, focusing particularly on frontend changes and integrations
  • Through her work, StrategyBox received various compliments on the user interface from clients, which directly increased the brand's image.
  • Molly was able to develop personal connections with her team and mentors through systematic check-ins that supported her in her role.

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